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What Readers Have to Say About Anita's Books and CDs…

"Anita inspires me to be creative and unique. The day I got her first book I fixed a cup of coffee and read it from cover to cover that night. It’s the best purchase I make for marketing purposes. She tells you how to stand out from the crowd, how to create travel guides for clients, and how to market in the most innovative ways. I can’t thank her enough for all of her fantastic, creative ideas. And her new book is not only more of the same, but lots of new ideas, too. She’s the BEST!
- Tish Black-Hughes, Anytime Travel


"I read your book cover to cover the day after your seminar in Seattle. I have been in the travel industry for 26+ years but I had not tried the letter to the GM (general manger) at hotels. I had 3 different clients traveling to Disneyland, Hawaii and Albany, NY. I sent all the letters the same day. Disneyland answered the next day with an upgrade to concierge level. Hawaii answered the next day with a newly refurbished room as well as ocean view. My clients were thrilled. None have traveled yet, but they could not thank me enough. Yahoo!!! It was almost embarrassing. Great ideas!!! Thanks ever so!"
- Vicky Giannelli, ACC


"Last night it was 3 a.m. So tonight I figured I would go to bed early. Got home from a four-hour meeting with people who are the core of my November trip to Egypt....poured a Canadian Club, fixed some pasta, watched "Frazer" and was ready to go to bed early, when I decided to leaf through your book. That was two hours ago and I read it cover to cover. Anita, it is excellent! Well written and organized with forms that are eminently usable, packed full of ideas! I can enthusiastically sell the book. My comments are sincere. The book is very readable and is packed with good old fashioned 'how-to' which should be very helpful to those who would like to enter this profession as well as those who are already in it."
- Lee B


"Thank you for your time at DEMA. We read some of your book before going on our already planned trip to Cozumel. Called the manager and arranged a cocktail party and special welcome for our group. Also received an upgrade (free) on our room. Now we are going to read the rest of the book and put in some new ideas for the next trip. One thing we would like to do is get luggage tags you talk about for everyone with our shop logo on it. We'll keep in touch."
- Larry and Lisa Squillace


"Yes, please, lets keep in touch! I am already working on some travel plans for people at my Mom's place of business that are eager for a travel agent to give them personal attention. In addition I was in ATL on Wednesday and got some great ideas for the new EASY DIVERS Destination pack that will be delivered to all of my FIJI travelers. I will let you know more about it as I get it put together. It was great that you suggested the 10% of commission rule as a good budget for the special extras. You might be glad to know that the new motto for my business is 'OVER THE TOP!'"
- Saralynn Turner


"It was great finely meeting you in person at the Tour and Cruise seminar in Miami. Keep up the good work on your writing. I can't wait until your next book comes out. You have so many good ideas. I also appreciate the fact that there are home-based owners that really are selling travel. We really do love what we do. I am in the "Memory Making" business and it gives me great pleasure to have helped someone fulfill their dreams."
- Vicki Fasick MCC, DS


"I want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me and my home based Travel Business. Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me in regards to my Business. Your book is exceptional and I feel honored to have met you.."
- Bridgette Chancey, Independent Travel Consultant


"Great ideas! Well rounded. We loved the examples of custom, imaginative and inexpensive gifts"
- Roger and Heidi Champigny


"I wanted to let you know I finished your book and found it very helpful to get me started on the road to being an independent travel agent. I especially liked your idea for writing hotels to get your customers VIP treatment and the clever ideas to show your customers appreciation. Overall, your book had a lot of practical ideas. Now, to put them into practice as I develop my client base. Thanks for your info."
- Jane Bertschinger


"We are a home-based agency and I purchased your book a few months back. It was excellent, especially the VIP letter, which I use often."
- Frank DeMaio


"I read your book "How I made a small fortune as a Home-Based Travel Agent" and I have done a few of your suggestions and they worked out fantastic. Just knowing a few tricks really helps us stand out among the big mega agencies."
- Janice Hada


"I read the article on her in the most recent Leisure Travel News. I think I have a new hero... Thanks!"
- Donna (via e-mail)


"I am an outside sales agent. I came a across your article in the Travel Weekly. I also wanted to let you know it gives me great hope to see another outside sales agent make it in this industry. You are an inspiration and I hope that someday I can step out as well. Thank you so much for writing this book and I cannot wait to get it so that I can learn from one of the best!”
- Amy Prazeau


"I am really enjoying my copy of your book...actually, I read it as soon as I received it... and have re-read parts several times.... I have a success story ..... my clients were going to Nassau on a budget. I arranged an Apple Vacation at a property they could afford.... wrote YOUR LETTER [or better still, waved the "letter wand".... ] and just heard today, they were upgraded to Ocean Front... others on the flight with the same package, looked out at the pool... and my clients SAW THE SEA!!! I will always use the "letter wand".... they now think I am a Queen! Thank you again... I am looking forward to a live seminar in the east.... Thank you again"
- Maureen Eschbacher


Endorsements from Travel Industry Leaders and Executives…

“Success guru Tony Robbins says that if you want to be successful, model yourself on someone who has already achieved the success you seek. When it comes to succeeding as a home-based travel agent, I can think of no better role model than Anita Pagliasso. She's a rock star and a total inspiration. That's why I recommend her books to all my students."
- Kelly Monaghan, CTC. Author, Home Travel Agency


"Anita Pagliasso is an innovative, creative and crackerjack travel marketer who practices what she preaches in her own travel agency. As columnist for Agent @ Home magazine since the inaugural issue, she's been providing great advice to agents working from home for many years. Now she outdoes herself in her new book, which is an essential read for home-based travel agents seeking to grow their business and anyone who wants to effectively market and sell travel."
- James Shillinglaw, Editor and Publisher


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Anita for over 20 years. Her book, ".How I Made a Small Fortune as a Home Based Agent" and CD, "Tool Box for Home Based Agents" have been part of Career Quest's training programs for new travel agents. Anita has conducted marketing seminars for Career Quest over the years and is a frequent speaker on our monthly chat rooms. Many of our graduates have chosen "A Ticket2Travel" as their host agency and all we ever hear are raves about the support Anita provides her agents."
- Nancy Kist, CTC President of Career Quest Training Center


“Anita Pagliasso is mentor for many travel agents. Here expertise in operating and promoting a successful travel business has been admired and respected by many travel educators. Her ability to provide agents with the knowledge and tools to become a successful home-based agent is priceless. I recommend her books and training materials to new and veteran agents."
- Gary Fee, Past President and Founder of OSSN. President of


“I have been an avid traveler for as far as I can remember. So I thought it was a natural transition when I was invited to work in a travel agency. The next step would be to open my own! Very soon I realized that a traveler and a successful travel agent are two very different animals. How I would have loved to get my hands on Anita Pagliasso’s books then! Ever since Anita Pagliasso decided to come into the travel business, she has not looked back. After her home-based business grew to be a host agency that now includes more than 50 independent contractors, she decided to share her expertise and vast knowledge with anyone who has a passion for travel. In both my work as a travel agent and working with people with disabilities over the last twenty four years, I have met few people as dedicated and caring as the author of this book. She has helped many navigate the complex field of selling travel successfully and fulfilling their dreams of a profitable business. She has a large fan following who are convinced of her competence as well as her ability to motivate and educate. Unlike her previous books, this new book “From Home-Based to POWERHOUSE! Marketing strategies to take your passion to profit” is a final step of accomplishment by a home-based agent. She shares her coming of age in the industry with insightful, innovative, and creative marketing ideas. It is a must read book for anyone who wants to have fun selling travel and keep the cash registers running too. We, at SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality), strongly recommend anyone planning an entry into the travel business or has been in it for a long time to read this book and get their businesses to flourish. This beautifully written book will not only guide you through the intricate web of creative and successful marketing, but also will instill more passion into your selling.”
- Jani Nayer, Executive Coordinator SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality)


The Acclaimed Reviews Are In…

 Home Based Travel Ideas

By Stella – Verified Purchase
"From Home Based To Powerhouse by Anita Pagliasso covers areas such as creating a travel portfolio, respecting the deadlines of a client/customer, dealing with isolation blues, attending industry events, joining professional associations etc. Pagliasso also touches on areas such as Attending a Seminar or Travel Related workshop, utilizing conferences to connect with peers, getting outside the house/apartment more etc. (she humorously terms it house arrest syndrome)."

 Easy read. Provides sound advice and interesting marketing ideas

By Mary - Verified Purchase
"This book is an easy read. Provides sound advice and interesting marketing ideas. A must read for home-based or prospective home-based travel agents."

 Great read!

Raj – Verified Purchase
"Very useful tips. Appreciated the humor! I found this to be very practical and the best desk reference so far! Thank you, Anita!"


By Shantay Brown – Verified Purchase
"Her expertise in the travel business is incredible. This book is an awesome tool to get my business of the ground."

 LOVED it!

Chikita Smith – Verified Purchase
"There were so many helpful tips and I loved reading the examples from your own life. This is a great book!"


CVF – Verified Purchase
"Excellent book, very helpful! I will be using over and over."