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Anita's Personal Appearances


Anita has performed as the Featured Speaker in numerous seminars based on the content of her publications and also makes regular presentations to various colleges and travel education forums, as well as at most major travel industry conferences.

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Upcoming Events

March 26-29, 2017
Travel Agent Forum
Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Anita is the National Conference Director
Use code 4952 for Anita’s Show Discount
May 18-21, 2017
TPOC (Travel Professionals of Color)
2017 Annual Conference & Tradeshow
Anita will be the Keynote Speaker & Conference Facilitator at this important conference
Reunion Golf & Spa Resort, Orlando, Florida
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TPOC Facebook Listing
October 1-4, 2017
Travel Agent Forum
Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida
Anita is the National Conference Director
Use code 4952 for Anita’s ShowDiscount
April 8-11, 2018
Travel Agent Forum
Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Anita is the National Conference Director
Use code 4952 for Anita’s Show Discount


"I can use so much of the information right away. The content of the meeting was very informative. I enjoyed the input of the others also. I think you covered it all…I couldn't write fast enough!"
- Ruth Hammond Anaheim, C


"Wonderful value. Anita has a way about her...a sparkling personality. She gets down to business and handles her audience well, in great control. The content of the meeting had a lot of great ideas. I would like to suggest an all day seminar...Anita has a lot to offer."
- Diana French La Jolla, CA


"his was my second presentation received and you are just as personable before a large group as a small..."YOU ARE A NATURAL, THANK YOU", you serve ALL, making everyone comfortable."
- Dawn Easton-Robinson


"The value of the seminar was fantastic! Thank you for inspiring me! Many of your thoughts and ideas I have already implemented. I look forward to you being my mentor!"
- Kim Catalano Gilbert, AZ


"The content of the seminar was excellent and the value was more thank worth the cost! Ideas and suggestions were phenomenal! Wonderful! Loved it!"
- Clara Santos, Artesia, CA


"I like your spirit and are my mentor and a great motivator."
- Grazyna Fuller, Orlando, Florida


"I was impressed with the whole seminar! Thank you so much."
- Betty Sowell, Scottsdale


"I loved Anita's energy and enthusiasm! Thank you for the ideas and making this seem do-able."
- LeAnn Hord


"This workshop was invaluable! Chocked full of great ideas - I want the book. Thanks Travelbridge for this super seminar for folks who want a home-based business in travel."
- Linda Simpson, Scottsdale


"Your enthusiasm is catching. Great expressive face and clear voice. You've convinced me of your competence!"
- Beverly Stockert,  Rolling Hills, CA


"I want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me and my home based Travel Business. Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me in regards to my Business. Your book is exceptional and I feel honored to have met you."
- Bridgette Chancey Independent Travel Consultant


"It was great finely meeting you in person at the Tour and Cruise seminar in Miami. Keep up the good work on your writing. I can't wait until your next book comes out. You have so many good ideas. I also appreciate the fact that there are home-based owners that really are selling travel. We really do love what we do. I am in the "Memory Making" business and it gives me great pleasure to have helped someone fulfill their dreams."
- Vicki Fasick MCC, DS, Fairfield, OH


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop in Boca Raton. You are a wealth of information and your enthusiasm is infectious. I am so glad I stayed for the seminar. Now armed with all this new information and creative juices, I have to develop some clever business cards and brochures. Thanks for getting me started."
- Lori Dillon


"Your presentation was interesting, inspirational and humorous."
- Ruth Wegener, Palos Verdes, CA


"I enjoyed all the information. I learned a great deal. Thank you Anita!"
- Juanita Andrews, Los Angeles, CA


"I learned a lot. Important issues were discussed."
- Niki Shah Lakewood, CA